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Hello everyone.

As some of you know, the past 6 months or so have been extremely tumultuous in my life.  There have been great highs, there have been great lows, but I've held on through it all and things are finally starting to smooth out again.  But along the way, I feel like I've lost my way; I've lost some of what me...well, me.  True, I've found myself in a few other areas that have historically been lacking, but in the process I've lost my hold on other things.

The time has come for a change. 

No more sitting and hoping that spark will magically appear out of thin air for me.  It's somewhere in the depths of my mind and my soul, I can feel it there.  But no more excuses.  No more wishing I had more hours in the day, because honestly in the state I am now I'd probably while them away in front of the TV or something.

Today I begin to take back my life.

You'll see more out of me soon detailing my plans for the rest of the year and going forward.  I'm not going to go easy, I'm not going to make myself crazy.  But I will find out once and for all what I am capable of and then find ways to do more.

Now, this probably won't be completely pleasant, both to myself and to others.  Some of you may not like the final result and I can understand that.  But at the end of it all, there's one thing that I'm hoping you all will be able to join me in saying:

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Owen Hart's Theme Song
  • Reading: My own writing
  • Watching: NXT
  • Playing: Pool of Radiance
  • Eating: Energy Bar
  • Drinking: Water


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Sir-Marble-Didymus Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
Oh wow, you are on DA. i never knew. Good to see you alive and kicking.
Proforce Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
Your name looks familiar, but I'm not sure who you are I fear.  Forgive my brain.
Sir-Marble-Didymus Featured By Owner May 23, 2014
I emailed you twice, but it was ages ago. I remember asking you about the character Charlotte in your Sonic series, as you had never actually explained who she was at that point.

You also may have seen me occasionally on FUS or SMS. :p I also sometimes pop up on Dan Drazen's page
Proforce Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014
Ahh, it's good to hear from you!  We are hard at work on Sonic #47 and it should be posted by early August if our timing is right.  We do have to find a new pre-reader since our friendship with the one we had has broken down, but we won't let that stop us!
GlitterElixir Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hug by KmyGraphic
TurtieDroppings Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
*sprinkles love on your page* n.n
Proforce Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
*puts it on ice cream and noms* sprinkles.
TurtieDroppings Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
;-; share?
LadyShelleBelle Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday dude! (sorry if it's a little late =( ) have a lovely day/hope you had a lovely day! =)
llirbwerdnadivad Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014
Happy Birthday!
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